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Colgate’s physicality spells doom for Syracuse in 1-0 loss

Todd Michalek | Staff Photographer

Syracuse was able to earn multiple free kicks throughout the night from Colgate's physicality. But that never translated into goals.

Syracuse had two minutes left to tie the game and force overtime.  Trailing 1-0, the Orange made several charges into the Colgate defensive zone. Kate Hostage established position near the box before two defenders rushed at her on both sides.

Colgate defender Abby Sotomayor knocked her off the ball, sending Hostage tumbling backward. Eliza Doll claimed it and, as Hostage fought from behind to get possession back, she tumbled forward and smashed her nose off Doll’s knee. She screamed and hunched over with blood running out of her nose.

That physicality from the Raiders defined the game in which Syracuse (4-2-1) lost 1-0 to Colgate (2-4-0) Thursday night at SU Soccer Stadium. Phil Wheddon said the Raiders established physicality early, a trait SU was not able to match.

“You should be up for every game,” Wheddon said. “Maybe we underestimated them because of their record coming into this game…it’s a mistake that won’t happen again.”

The Orange struggled to end its offensive pushes with a goal because Colgate’s plan of sending multiple defenders toward SU players receiving the ball. Syracuse was granted several free kicks but failed put the ball past Colgate goalkeeper Kelly Chiavaro.

“I think we didn’t really come out there with 100 percent effort and heart, and I think they out-competed us, out-battled us on 50-50s,” SU goalkeeper Courtney Brosnan said.

The final 24 minutes exhibited the technical deficiencies Wheddon saw paired with Colgate’s physicality. Eva Gordon tumbled chasing a loose ball to the corner. Georgia Allen fielded a pass in the box in the 67th minute and was immediately cornered by five defenders, forcing the ball out. Three minutes later, Alex Lamontagne charged into offensive zone on the left wing and was quickly slammed to the ground by the pressure of Mara Cosentino.

The Orange only mustered a slow-rolling shot that cruised by the goal line but was a non-threat off Sydney Brackett’s foot.

“We haven’t played a lot of teams that were that physical,” Lamontagne said.

With four minutes left Martina Loncar knocked down Taylor Bennett chasing a ball near the sideline at midfield, earning Syracuse a free kick. Loncar rose, turned her foot, and subtly kicked the ball out-of-bounds. A referee immediately rushed in and issued her a yellow card.

Sheridan Street didn’t play after her injury on Sunday. Wheddon said she was day-to-day and off crutches at this point. Hostage ended the night on the sidelines because of her nose injury. Wheddon had no update on her condition.

“I didn’t think we were technically as sharp as we had been throughout the rest of the season,” Wheddon said. “We were trying to force passes at times when it wasn’t on and we gave up possession of the ball fairly easily.”


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