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Graphical breakdown of Syracuse basketball’s scholarship situation

Courtesy of David Spagnolo

Forward Matthew Moyer is one of the scholarship freshmen Syracuse has coming in next season.

Here’s a breakdown of Syracuse’s scholarship situation. Following the NCAA’s report on Syracuse in March 2015, the Orange was docked 12 scholarships over four years, but that was reduced to eight over four years after SU’s appeal. In 2015-16, Syracuse had 10 players on scholarship, meaning the Orange will now be giving up five scholarships over the next three seasons. According to SU, the team will use 11 scholarships in 2016-17 and 2017-18 and then will use 12 scholarships in 2018-19. Syracuse will return to the full 13 scholarship cap in 2019-20.

Bold = Player is on scholarship
Italics = Player has been offered a scholarship

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Clare Ramirez | Asst. Copy Editor


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